Our Passion



Why I started Secret Garden?



Being a mom of two busy, energetic boys I understand how difficult it is to entrust your child to just anyone. Then there are things to consider such as stimulation, curriculum, emotional and social growth. So many aspects of learning and children are so very fragile and impressionable. It is the tiny, almost insignificant moments in our childhood that can influence our lives both positively and negatively. My aim is to ensure that our school is always filled with happy, content, secure and confident little people.

Children form an attachment to the people closest to them. This Attachment is a deep and enduring bond that attaches them to their parents and main caregivers. Children are highly selective about attachment figures.

It is very important for a child to form an attachment with their teacher.  Attachment provides feelings of security that enables the child to explore freely. Attachment also forms the basis for socializing children. As children and adults (parents and teachers) are drawn together and interact, children adopt the adult’s behaviour and values.  It is important for teachers to get to know each child and treat them as an individual. Children cannot develop unless they explore, they will not explore unless they feel secure, they will not feel secure unless they have formed an attachment to their teacher and they cannot possibly form an attachment unless they trust and know their teacher….and trust is earned through knowledge, love, patients and time. Our teachers are focused to first and most importantly become someone that your child feels they can be themselves with. They must feel loved, cared for and most importantly understood.  

Unfortunately most Preschool and Daycare facilities have so many children in each class that even though the teacher might have the best intentions she merely does not have the resources and time available to calmly and fairly assess each situation. At Secret Garden we keep our classes small to ensure that each child receives the individual attention they deserve.


 At the root of any great school is a Gracious and always Faithful Father. We are privileged to be able to teach God’s word freely and openly to our children when there are so many countries and schools that are not able to. We seek to glorify God through teaching children to love God, each other and to become disciples of Christ.